Dyuti Halder

An actor, a theatre personality, a teacher and a dietitian !

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What Dyuti Does

Dyuti Halder is a versatile actress, Singer and dancer with an excellent academic records. She completed her Masters in Dietetics and Community Nutrition Management and bagged GOLD MEDAL after becoming 1st class First in M.Sc.




Need Advice?

If you are in need of any consultation regarding Dietetics, feel free to contact Dyuti Halder

Naye Natua

Dyuti is the founder member and secretary of theatre troupe Naye Natua as well as lead actor in most of the plays.

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Recent Works

Creon & Antigone

Directed by Dyuti Ghosh Halder
Directorial Advisor: Goutam Halder
Production: Naye Natua

About Dyuti

Dyuti Ghosh is an accepted young performer in the region of Theatre and Dance. She started her training in dance at the tender age of five.

Awarded the Best Actor in a supporting role (female) in Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards 2016 for her character (Mrinmoyee) in HAOAI

Dyuti Halder receiving The Award for Best Actor (Female in a supporting role) in Eleventh Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards 2016 from Jawhar Sarkar.

Need Advice?

Please feel free to consult with Dyuti Halder regarding your Diet.

Dyuti as nutritionist

Dyuti started her practicising career as a dietician under my guidance. She is having an excellent knowledge in the domain and her way of treatment is most modern and realistic.
I wish her all the best.

Diptendra Sarkar

Consultant Surgeon, Surgical Oncologist, Breast and Endocrine surgeon